The Raven’s Cry Theatre is an integral part of the Sechelt Indian Band’s impressive House of héwhíwus (House of Chiefs) complex.

Prominent in Shishálh folklore, the raven is a mischievous bird, a gatherer and collector of stories.

The Raven’s Cry Theatre features storytelling in its many forms; plays, concerts, dance and first-run movies.

Facilities & Accessibility

Seating: 274 seats
Up to 4 wheelchair spaces
Two dressing rooms and a large greenroom
Art pieces on display in the lobby
Steinway Concert Grand piano


Stage: Hardwood sprung floor (suitable for dance)
Floorspace: Apron to cyc: 29 ft.
Proscenium opening: 34 ft. (fixed)
Main curtain to cyc: 24.5 ft.
Wings extended: 12.4 ft.
Height limits: 18 ft. per side

Our non-fly tower stage has a fully functioning counterweight system to allow drops, etc., to be flown out to a maximum high trim of 20 ft. to the bottom of the grid.

Soundcraft Delta 8 Channel mixer with 2 monitor outputs
Clear Com Intercom
8 professional quality all-purpose microphones and stands
4 Deavy D.I. boxes
Q.S.C. 1200 watts house amplification
BOSE 802 Loudspeakers

Lee Colortran Status 24/48 lighting board
80 lighting instruments including Lekos, Ellipsoidals, Fresnels and Cyc fixtures
Full traditional stage lighting

LCD Projector
DCP Projector with 5.1 Dolby Digital sound

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The auditorium at the Raven


Ravens Cry Lobby

Coast Salish art on display in the lobby at Raven


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Raven’s Cry Theatre Seating Plan